Pet Play 101 with Rubble and Twitch

  • Posted on: 22 February 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

Puppies and Kitties and More, Oh my! Let’s talk about all these pets running around. This class will look at what it is like to identify as a Pet and what Pet Play looks like!

Pup Rubble is just some puppy doing the best he can to be the best he can. From the very beginning of his kink and leather life, Rubble dove into the deep end of an Olympic pool head first with weighted shoes on. Rubble's favorite activities include pet play, biting, electro, rough body play, and appreciates the classic art of cruising...among others. He particularly enjoys traveling, especially when you roll the windows down so he can ride with his head out.

Both in his day to day and his kink lives, Rubble believes service to humanity to be of utmost importance. He spends his working days helping others be their best selves and his free time organizing events and inspiring others to get hit just a little harder through kink education. As Bluegrass Leather Pride Puppy 2019, Rubble’s mission is to spread the message of love, acceptance and community engagement across the globe.

He just has one question:
Are you ready for the RUBBLEution!?

Meow-dy, y’all! Kitty Twitch is everyone’s favorite loud mouthed, opinionated Maine Coon with a penchant for mischief and mayhem. Like most cats, he enjoys sleeping and being lazy and will occasionally get the zoomies but not for long! He’s been a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for 7 years as well as an active member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood. He’s also currently working with various other pets and handlers in the Louisville area and Kentucky to create an organization to serve all with an interest in the pet community. When not at events, he can probably be found in the kitchen, whipping up all sorts of tasty deliciousness. He’s in a wonderful relationship with his favorite puppers, Pup Roni, but if anyone knows of or is a Daddy/Sir that’s also a cat person, you know where to find the Kitty! And a word to the wise: don’t leave your cup on the table...or else!!