Principles of Consent - Sir Justin StClair

  • Posted on: 1 February 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

One of the hot topics in our community right now is around the definition and application of consent. This class seeks to move beyond the foundational ideas of "no means no," "yes means yes," SCC, and even RACK to try to look at healthier, more robust models in the exploration of a fluid topic. Come prepared to share and discuss!

Sir Justin has been involved in the Chicago leather community for nearly two decades. In that time he has served his community in varying capacities. He has served on the boards of several local and national organizations and has also served his community as a local, regional, and international titleholder. Currently Sir Justin is the Executive Producer of the International Puppy and Trainer Contest and Co-Executive Producer of International Puppy and Handler Weekend.

Sir Justin is a fierce defender of education as a means to bridge gaps when there are areas of division. He attained a PhD in Education and teaches every chance he gets. Since earning his international title, he has taught/lectured/spoken in 29 states and eight foreign countries. While best known for teaching puppy-related classes, he also teaches on a variety of other kink and leather-related topics. He has also authored two books: BARK! which chronicles his movement through the puppy community and Love Thy Neighbor…Unless He’s Gay which tackles the chasm between homosexuality and religion.

He is the proud Sir of the Dogwood Pack. He is happily loved and in love with his puppies: Kona, Leaf, Chase, Magnus, Nyx, Willow, and crazy cousin Harley.