Hot Wax Massage - Trainer Kinsey

  • Posted on: 1 February 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

Do you enjoy the intimate art of massage? How about the stinging warmth of hot wax? What about combining the two? Join Kinsey for a wax massage demonstration where she will show you the ins and outs of wax massage. Whether you're looking to craft a soothing scene or you're feeling somewhat sadistic, Kinsey will share information on keeping your session safe, negotiating a memorable scene and teach you the tips and tricks to make it your own.

Kinsey (she/her) identifies as an asexual trainer and little from Lafayette, Indiana. Active in the kink community for over a decade, Kinsey is a member of Indy Pets and Handlers and MAsT: Tippecanoe. When not lifting up a room with her enthusiasm and joy, she is likely cuddling her human pup Echo and her four legged dog Dexter.

In her vanilla life Kinsey is a dog groomer and that shows in her life as a trainer. Kinsey enjoys giving hot wax massages, grooming Echo, and is absolutely not a sadist, she promises... look it was just that one time. Okay, maybe twice, and she only punched that puppy a little.

As Indiana Trainer 2019 Kinsey’s mission is to share her passion for education, service and training, all while raising asexual awareness within her community.