Pet Play Roundtable with Wildcat Howl, Pup Red, and Pup Spike

  • Posted on: 24 January 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

Wildcat Howl (they/he/it) is a sex relationship educator and BDSM practitioner presently based in Chicago. During the day Howl works with the citywide youth council exploring public policy in sexual health. In addition, they manage sex and relationship education programs in schools throughout Chicago. Outside of this work, however, Howl is a fetish lifestyle practitioner, educator, and performer. Though online they typically identify as a 24/7 kinkster, big cat, rubberist, and supervillain.
Wildcat Howl is known for their creative approach fetish, in that they're a cat who owns lifestyle pets, gimps, and other toys. Howl has made a life and mantra out of the Tumblr (rip in pieces) meme “Dogs have owners, cats have staff”. They got involved with the lifestyle 11 years and has been presenting and producing events nationally for the last 5 years. Their primary educational focus has been on pet play dynamics, queering gender and sexuality, and healthy relationships.

John “Pup Red” Danaher has been involved in pet play as a pup since 2011. His early origins in Oklahoma started as one of 2 pups active in the state and helped volunteer for the developing event Kink Weekend OKC. In Oklahoma, social kink activity was rare, and he worked to revive a group known as the OKC Boys of Leather. He worked together with reigning Oklahoma Mister Leather to sponsor bar nights at the OKC strip. In 2015 he moved to Chicago. Since, he’s served two years as the Vice President of the Chicago Puppy Patrol and is a Full Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Spike (he/him/his) is a lifelong Chicagoan and an advocate to keep ketchup away from hot dogs. He has been active in the pup and pet community for over five years and had been exploring behind the scenes for many more.
Spike has been a mentor to many entering the pup and pet community. Spike is currently serving his second term as President of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, where his main goal has been to help usher in a new era of inclusivity and acceptance within the CPP and the greater community at large. Working in concert with community leaders from around the world, much progress has been made, however, there is still some work to be done. And on rare occasions, you might even find Spike down on the mats with the other pups and pets.
Spike is a beta pup in the Dogstar Pack, polyamorous open family pack with Bouncer, Tiger, and Seca. His pack likes to spread wags wherever they go. Professionally, Spike is in tech operations, recruiting and project management. For fun, he collects antique telephones (ask him which is his favorite) and is a really mediocre hockey goalie.