Double Trouble: Rough Body Play

  • Posted on: 6 March 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

”Double Trouble”
This class takes all your favorite rough body activities and allows you to amp up the fun with two tops. Choke holds to trampling. Four hands, and four boots for double the fun.

Sir Jay Taylor:
SIR Jay was International Leather SIR 2018. He is a former Great Lakes Leather SIR and Michigan Leather SIR. SIR Jay discovered his love for leather and kinky sex 14 years ago at the young age of 19. Since then he has earned the nickname little daddy from his community. SIR Jay is a passionate advocate for fetish education, R.A.C.K. and spreading awareness in his travels. He has a not so secret love/weakness for boys and puppies. Sir Jay is married to his boy/pup hank as well as having 2 pups collared to him. He is a proud member of the Michigan Band of Brothers, an educator and puppy wrangler (did he mention he loves puppies).

reba is a femme queer slave from Indianapolis, IN. She has been ingrained in the regional and local community since 2014. She is in service to her Sir, Scott and you will often find reba, bootblacking, handling contestants, teaching, or getting down and dirty in the dungeon! She is a RACK player, consent enthusiast, mental health advocate, and service slut. She is a proud member of MAsT Indianapolis and Titans of the Midwest. She is lucky enough to have had the opportunity to present at local, regional, and international events. She’s also the “head” instigator of House Awkward Turtle and the unintentional Handler of pup Havok whether she likes it or not.

Pup Rubble:
Pup Rubble is just some puppy doing the best he can to be the best he can. From the very beginning of his kink and leather life, Rubble dove into the deep end of an Olympic pool head first with weighted shoes on. Rubble's favorite activities include pet play, biting, electro, rough body play, and appreciates the classic art of cruising...among others. He particularly enjoys traveling, especially when you roll the windows down so he can ride with his head out.

Both in his day to day and his kink lives, Rubble believes service to humanity to be of utmost importance. He spends his working days helping others be their best selves and his free time organizing events and inspiring others to get hit just a little harder through kink education. As Bluegrass Leather Pride Puppy 2019, Rubble’s mission is to spread the message of love, acceptance and community engagement across the globe.