Kink U at Mr. Missouri Leather

Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 11:00am

11:00 AM - Bootblack 101 by Daddy Sparkie
Would you like to learn how to clean & condition your leather and boots so they look awesome and last for years? Even if you never plan to shine someone else’s boots, every Leather Person should know how to care for their own leather on a basic level. In Bootblack 101, we’ll cover basic leather care and polishing so you can keep your leather in great shape. Please bring a pair of boots or piece of leather to practice on, I will provide the basic Bootblacking supplies but if you have your own bring them.

12:00 PM - Flogging 101 & 102 by Todd Rickspoone
Learn how to use a flogger and do it safely. This will be a very hands-on workshop. Rick will be bringing extra floggers so if people wanna try it out, they can. He will also be flogging his Boy Grant and they will be talking about their experience. Boy Grant will also be talking about how it feels when he gets flogged and how Rick got him into BDSM.

1:00 PM - Intro to Water Sports by Daddy Jay
Ah the yellow hanky. Ever wondered what it was all about? Join us for a hands on look at what this is all about, answering questions, looking at myth versus fact on this kind of fluid play, and how it works in a D/s or just play situation. You’ll walk away with everything you need to have your first experience.

2:00 PM - Community Crisis Care by Tori Jameson (They/Them)
Mental health is one component of consent as someone in crisis may not be safe to play. So what can we do as a play partner, friend, leader or community member? Closed/intimate communities like ours can be places where mental health concerns manifest and where intervention, with consent, can be made and help, with consent, offered. This interactive class will teach you an actionable acronym as a tool to help you assess and respond to mental health concerns within your leather and kink relationships and community.