E-Stim/Electro Play

  • Posted on: 6 February 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

E-Stim/Electro Play: E-Stim (aka electrosex) is short for Electrical Stimulation, or using electricity in a variety of ways to stimulate the nerves or muscles for arousal or pain. E-stim can range in intensity from a feather light vibration to very painful and capable of leaving permanent marks or branding. The primary tools used for e-stim are the TENS unit and violet wand. Both of these devices will be demonstrated, discussing the differences in how they use electricity to provide stimulation and the safety concerns that each present. Everyone will have the chance to experience first hand the sensations that are possible in the world of e-stim!

Instructor Bio
Bill Dudley is a pansexual and polyamorous kink enthusiast from Omaha, Nebraska. He is a founding member of River City SEARCH, an inclusive leather/kink/fetish group working to organize social, educational, and community events in the Omaha area. He was Mr. Nebraska Leather 2017, with a platform of increasing the visibility of pan/bisexual+ individuals and promoting gender inclusiveness in the leather community. Regionally, he was the 2019 West Member-At-Large for Titans of the Midwest and has taught classes in impact play, electro-stim, wax, and rope. He loves nothing more than learning about and exploring new kinks and fetishes.