A Look Under the Umbrella

  • Posted on: 3 February 2020
  • By: admin
Class Description: 

A look under the umbrella: Trans folx taking up space.
Sharing unique perspectives on the growing trans representation in the bear community. Stories from their own personal journeys and cultivating a safe space for an Intimate dialogue about what youve wanted to know but have been to afraid to ask.

Benji is a masculine trans man from the back woods of Ohio. He’s been in the kink and leather scenes for more than five years and has a wide variety of tastes and interests. You can find Benji in pup mode wrestling with other pups, having fun with some rough body play, and on the giving or receiving end of a good impact implement. Benji is a part of a loving leather family that includes his wife Baron, and partners Cub Jade and Mama Bear Courtney.

Pup Baron is a genderqueer pup from the corn fields of Ohio. They competed and won best in show at the Derby City Sisters Kennel Show in 2017 and is the current Tris-State Puppy 2019 and Ohio Puppy 2019. Pup Baron is a member of the GDI Outlaws, is an Agent of Ash, and is the founder of Pack Non Grata, a non hierarchal pack working to spread a message of diversity and acceptance within the pup community. Pup Baron is also a member of a loving leather family that includes their husband Benji, Handler Cub Jade, and Mama Courtney.

Finbarr is a gender fluid poodle and bear hunter who hales from louisville. Where they do their best to the be the most dapper pupper on the block. They have been active in the community for almost 15 years, and has held the North American Bear Hunter title in 2015. Finbarr is very service oriented and has recently discovered the joys of being a demo bttm. Despite their RBF they are always up for chatting and making new friends and just answer any questions you mat be too scared to ask.